Your Local Telecom Dealers

We are a co-operative group of locally owned and operated Telecom Licensees providing telecommunications products, service and support to both consumer and business customers around NZ. We appreciate how important thriving local businesses are to NZ. With 25 Telecom locations throughout NZ we are local businesses ourselves. We have been around for a long time, understand the local communities that we work within and are committed to providing our very best to our customers. Read more...


Our Story

As a nationwide co-operative of 25 independently owned & operated Telecom businesses, we offer a balance of local ownership and expertise. We speak the same language you do, we listen, and we focus on keeping things easy to understand. Our group are committed to providing a welcoming and professional environment within our Telecom stores where people enjoy doing business with us. This commitment drives a company-wide culture that ensures we stay focused on the daily needs of our customers.